BE/WITH: Eight Improvisations in Dance & Music

BE/WITH #4 | Suggested Donation – $10

BE / WITH is a performance series that invites artists with a practice of improvisation to come together for an impromptu dialogue. The audience will choose pairings of musicians with dancers and something will unfold, just once, never again to be experienced. BE / WITH is a response, a small gesture, an act of opening up instead of closing off in uncertain times, to the pressure to exist in isolation, and to experience art without intimacy of sharing space, community, and collaboration across disciplines and backgrounds.

Phoebe Vlassis
Shayne Cohn
Russell Ramirez
Peter Bowling
Boyanna Trayanova
more to be announced…

Angelle Hebert
Natalie Cohen
Kesha McKay
Shannon Stewart
Nikki Buckels
Ryuta Dutah Iwashita
Owen Ever
Diogo de Lima

The event is finished.


Sunday Apr 22 2018


Suggested Donation - $10
Marigny Opera House


Marigny Opera House
725 St. Ferdinand Street, New Orleans, LA 70117