Silver Swan Ragtime Interpreters

The band is comprised of Jack Craft, Darryl Durham, Steven Glenn, Rebeckah Kirk, Patrick Mackey, and Anuraag Pendyal.

The classic ragtime movement in America comes to us mostly as solo piano pieces on sheet music. The artistic mission of the Silver Swan Ragtime Interpreters is to present these musical gems with a small dance orchestra, and invite one and all to listen, enjoy, and learn the fun and easy dances that go with the works of Scott Joplin, James Scott, Eubie Blake, Joe Lamb, Artie Matthews, and so many others. We give our all to the intent of the composers, who took such care to record the spirit of their time, and to our dancing audience, who grace and complete our interpretations of Classic Ragtime. The Silver Swan Ragtime Interpreters are here in 2018 to make our statement – come ready to dance!

The event is finished.


Thursday Oct 11 2018


Suggested donation: $15 General Admission / $10 Student & Senior