That Bad + Cazayoux

Friday, June 28, 2024
6:30PM Doors | 7:00PM Performance
Suggested Donation: $25 GA / $15 student, senior, etc.
*none turned away for lack of funds, no pressure*


That Bad’s eclectic jazz fusion + Cazayoux’s psychedelic funk, afrobeat & jazz make their Marigny Opera House debut this warm summer night!

That Bad – an eclectic jazz fusion band hailing from the vibrant city of Lafayette, Louisiana. Formerly known as Bad Bongo, this group of musicians has captivated audiences around the world with their diverse blend of genres such as funk, jazz, soul, R&B, rock, and more. In 2021, they made their debut with their first single, “Midnight Snack,” and in 2022, the band released their first EP, “Worried About Dolphins.” Their unique sound and undeniable talent has caught the attention of radio stations and listeners globally. In 2023, That Bad had the honor of performing at the renowned Festival International de Louisiane, a gathering of artists and musicians from around the world. The band has participated in a number of tours across the Southeast region of the United States, Music Festivals, and regularly performs outside of their home state of Louisiana. As their fan base continues to grow, so to does their love and dedication to the craft. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of music, combined with their extraordinary talent and unique sonic landscape, continues to establish a new space for this hungry young group of musicians. When the sounds are that good, you know it’s That Bad!

Cazayoux – In the heart of Austin, Texas, an ensemble emerges, weaving a tapestry of sound with unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship. Led by Forest Cazayoux, whose drumming resonated far beyond the confines of their local scenes, they’ve drawn together a mosaic of musicians from around the globe. Each member, with roots stretching to Guinea, Japan, Mexico, and across the United States, brings a rich narrative of cultural soundscapes to the collective. Their music, a thoughtful amalgamation of psychedelic funk, afrobeat, and jazz, transcends ordinary classification. It’s as if each note is carefully extracted from a vast, eclectic palette, blending into a harmonious symphony that speaks to the soul. CAZAYOUX doesn’t seek to overpower the senses, but rather, to engage them in a journey of auditory exploration. Attending one of their performances is akin to participating in a communal experience, where every rhythm and melody invites introspection and collective joy. It’s a space where the audience and performers unite in a mutual celebration of sound’s ability to transcend boundaries.

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Friday Jun 28 2024


7:00 pm
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