Versipel New Music – Viva Nola: Composition in New Orleans at 300

Join Versipel New Music as we celebrate the spirit and creativity of classical chamber music written by contemporary New Orleans composers. New Orleans has always been a welcoming home to classical music and over recent years, the city has grown as a hub for contemporary classical music with many vibrant composers living and composing in the city. Such artists as Ben Stonaker, Maxwell Dulaney, Courtney Bryan, Jeff Albert, Anna Walton and Tucker Fuller have contributed their music to the rich musical tapestry of the city. As a free-spirited city with its unique convergence of cultures and eclectic traditions in music and in art, New Orleans wields a strong influence on its artists and composers. Whether they are native New Orleanians or transplants, the city undeniably leaves its imprint on the minds and music of its composers. By featuring music of today with works by “legacy composers” from turn-of-the-century New Orleans such as Edmond Dede, we want our audience to explore the idea of what present-day classical music is in our unique city and to think about the three hundred year journey from whence it came.

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Tuesday Sep 11 2018


Suggested donation: $20