Versipel New Music: Winter Night

The Versipel collective celebrates the holiday season in a concert that invokes the magic, wonder and stillness of winter nights – from hushed winter hymns and meditations on snowy landscapes, to explorations of the darker recesses of the equinox.

This show features the dreamily poetic work Winternacht by Hans Abrahamsen, Earle Brown’s famous graphic work December 1952, a chamber arrangement of Perotin’s famous Viderunt Omnes, a strikingly modern sounding 800 year old work, As if Snow by Kirsten Broberg for harp, piano and vibraphone, Beat Furrer’s enchantingly meditative work for piano, Voicelessness (The Snow has No Voice), along with the ghostly murmurs of Lucy McNight’s wail for bass clarinet and marimba, selected from Versipel’s Annual Call for Scores and Versipel Assistant Director Philip Schuessler’s Sun Hammered Blue.

Doors at 6:30PM.


The event is finished.


Sunday Dec 02 2018


Suggested Donation: $15 GA / $10 Students & Seniors